Does the Cavs winning the lottery mean LeBron will return to Cleveland?

Last night, miraculously, the Cavaliers won the lottery yet again. Today the hot topic among the talking heads is whether this signals LeBron James’ triumphant return to Cleveland. I don’t understand it.

ESPN’s Colin Cowherd sent out this dumb tweet:

Really Colin, he loves that role? How has LeBron possibly demonstrated his desire to mentor young players in his entire career? Was it when he left a Cleveland roster with 21 year old JJ Hickson, 22 year old Danny Green, 23 year old Daniel Gibson, 24 year old Sebastian Telfair, etc. to join up with his veteran friends to win titles? He really seemed like a perfect caretaker then, Colin. (I’m sure Colin’s tweet was intended to stir this kind of reaction, but it was so stupid I had to comment).

It’s not just Cowherd, though, as the topic has been discussed all over sports radio and ESPN today. So let me guess this straight, 4 time MVP and 2 time defending champion LeBron James is expected to trade Miami for Cleveland because he can’t resist the urge to teach a 19 year old how to play in the NBA? This is all foolish, manufactured news, typical of ESPN and mainstream media.

The only plausible theory I’ve heard is that Cleveland could use to pick to acquire Kevin Love, which could draw LeBron back to Cleveland. Why would LeBron possibly leave his current situation, living in a tropical locale, playing with hall of fame caliber close friends, for a top organization, for that? What is it about playing with Kevin Love, who has never appeared in a postseason game, that would be so irresistible? I know Love is younger than Bosh or Wade, which would have some appeal I’d imagine, and he’s a terrific player, but I think Pat Riley has shown the creativity needed to surround LeBron with talent that he could only dream of during his first stint with Cleveland. And oh yeah, he’d have to go back to working for this guy.

This stuff is fun, and it’s good for the league’s popularity, but don’t believe everything you hear or read. I’m not saying for sure that LeBron won’t leave Miami, because that would be impossible for me to say, I’m just saying be wary of the million speculative headlines you’ll read from now to July.



Image Credit: Corey Sipkin/ New York Daily News


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