Biggest NBA winner of the NFL Draft?

Well that would be a certain point guard who plays for Brooklyn. Deron Williams, who I should note is signed for the maximum 5 years $100 million, played for 37 minutes in last night’s Game 2 in Miami. He and I scored the same number of points. ZERO. All I can really say is D-Will is very fortunate that the game conflicted with the NFL Draft, because he would be, and should be, getting crucified in headlines today. Here’s a look at last night’s ratings:

We all know the NFL is King when it comes to TV viewership, and all anyone is talking about today is the draft. But seriously, 0 points? Brooklyn’s leading scorer last night was Mirza Teletovic with 20. Mirza can certainly score, but if he is leading your team in scoring you probably won’t win a series against Miami. The Nets need D-Will to play like an All-Star, but he has continually looked like a shell of his former self. I would guess injuries are largely to blame, as Williams has suffered from ankle problems for the last couple of years, but he just can’t contribute at a high level with any kind of consistency. Kyle Lowry severely outplayed D-Will in the opening round series vs. Toronto, but point guard is not a position of strength for the Heat and he should be exploiting that every single game. Unfortunately, it’s looking more and more like those days might be behind him. A good player, sure, but not a hundred-million-dollar-face-of-the-franchise star anymore. This is not to blame all of the Net’s struggles on one player, which would be unfair, but with that contract comes expectations that far exceed this kind of performance. If some Brooklyn home cooking can’t energize this Nets team and force a long series, the NFL Draft won’t be there so save D-Will this summer.



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